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What are the benefits

Made from 100% fruit, freeze-dried at peak nutrition and flavour, allowing you to ‘bring to life’ the experience of fresh fruit by adding them to water, smoothies, yoghurt, porridge or cereal. The ideas are endless!


Easy to carry in your bag, have at work, home or share with your friends – by removing the water we allow you to ‘bring to life’ natural New Zealand fruits.

Environmental friendly

We use fruits that aren’t always ‘pretty enough’ – our freeze dried powder is also made from 100% fruit including skins so there is zero wastage.

Vitamins & Suppliments

As Vita Kiwi products are made from 100% real fruit, freeze-dried at peak nutrition you get all the benefits of consuming real fruits such as Vitamin C, Antioxidants and folate.


From Matcha and Kiwi lattes, smoothie bowls to Blueberry Pannacotta – the ideas are endless. 100% sugar free and healthy ways to make your meals more delicious. 

About Vita Kiwi™

Naturally Healthy Food

Vita Kiwi™ is a range of 100% natural New Zealand superfruit powders, designed to make eating your daily fruit convenient, fun, and nutritious. Designed by Emily Swan, who’s family is from one of the best fruit growing areas of the South Island (Nelson). She is passionate about bringing fruit to people around the world. Emily loves Asia, having lived in China and traveled extensively. She is always curious to try the local specialties from other countries and  can be found checking out the best noodle restaurants in Auckland! 

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Your best friend for a healthy life

We take a range of fresh New Zealand superfruits, like Gold Kiwi, Green Kiwi and blueberries grown in the natural clean environment we are world famous for. Some of these fruits are not quite ‘pretty’ enough for the shops, so we give them a chance to be a member of the Vita Kiwi family!

They then undergo freeze drying, which in food science, is considered a gold standard for preserving the nutrients and bioactive components of fruit.

This means you are enjoying the benefits of fresh fruit, freeze-dried at peak flavour and nutrition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

How can I use them?

SImply mix a sachet with around 100 ml warm or cold water, yoghurt, cereal, porridge or your favourite recipe. Mix well! 

What is the shelf life?

2 years, use the full sachet once opened to get the full nutritional benefits.

Does Vita Kiwi™ offer the same nutrition as fresh fruit?

Yes. Freeze-drying preserves the nutrition, taste and colour – so you can enjoy fruit in their optimal condition. They are also thoroughly washed, so may be cleaner than fruit from the store that often has dust or wax.

Is there a bulk pack?

Yes this is planned for second half of 2022. At the moment we are focused on convenient and easy to use 10 x 5g daily sachets. 

Which part of New Zealand are the fruits from?

All our fruits are 100% natural from New Zealand, for example Green and Gold Kiwi fruit from the Bay of Plenty, Blueberry from the South Island.

Are there any chemicals added in the freeze-dry process?

No, Vita Kiwi products are chemical free, preservative free, vegan and 100% natural. No added sugar.

When are new flavours being released?

There will be new flavours coming in second half of 2022. We also welcome your ideas about which superfruits from New Zealand you’d like to see in the range. Central Otago Cherry, blackcurrant? 


What our customers say

“Delicious way to get the best experience of the fruit – I love the blueberry added to my cereal daily – looks beautiful.”

Angela, 35, Oriental Bay Wellington

“I give one to myself and one to my son – so he gets his daily kiwi fruit without even noticing.” 

Sianna, 33, Auckland

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